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eWhile AssetForms app introduces 2 field types to show assets in a single-select and multi-select mode this is not very convenient as all assets are shown in a huge list. Different asset types shown in one field.

This is the limitation of Jira platform at the moment and we are trying to find the solution to improve this (though, we are totally dependent on the mercy of Atlassian).

The fields we introduce in our app appear locked in Jira and users have no possibilities to alter them (edit labels or descriptions, not to mention that you cannot setup a field with a reduced (filtered) set of assets)

We have good news though - now Jira platform has introduced a new native Asset Field.

And you can set it up to show the assets from Asset Forms by Asset type! Here is how.

Go to "custom fields" in Jira administration

You will be presented with a list of custom fields you already have in your Jira

Click on "Create custom field"

in the dialog look for "Asset"

And click "Next"

Give this field a name and description - which will be shown as field label and description when you use the field

And click on "Create" button to create a new custom field of "asset field" type

By default this would act the same way as the fields we already have in our app, but here you can customize the field label and description and you also can make the field to return filtered lists of assets by asset type. Here is how

Go to your field from the custom field list and click on "..."

This will bring you a context menu like this and you need to select the "Contexts and default value"

You will be presented with a screen similar to this

Click on "Edit Filters" and select the asset type(s) you want to use as a filter for assets presented in this field 

This way you can limit the field to list the assets of a specific type or types only

Unfortunately, this might not be enough for everyone and the possibility to filter the assets further is really necessary. At the moment Jira cloud platform does not allow you to do that. This limits dramatically our possibilities as plugin vendors also. If you are interested in making this platform / integration better please let Atlassian know. Together we can make the difference and hopefully Atlassian will listed and enhance this further. 

Please be aware that Jira cloud has a limit of 10000 assets per asset type and that is not configurable at the moment. If you wish to have more then please open a support ticket with Atlassian telling them about it.

Blocking issues in Jira cloud we are impatiently waiting to see implemented

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