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Create stunning mashups with internal and external content in Confluence.

The ConfiDoc plugin supports data sources and services

  • JSON
  • RSS
  • XML
  • CSV
  • SQL

requiring various types of authentication:

  • Basic; 
  • Pass-through Basic; 
  • NTLM;
  • connections to Microsoft Cloud services (SharePoint).

The ConfiDoc Plugin provides excellent access control and enables you to choose how the data will be presented.

Easily and seamlessly include content from Nagios, Cacti, Sharepoint, JIRA, QuickBuild, YouTrack, and many other sources in your Confluence pages.

From any relational database, including (but not limited to) Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and HSQL!

Key features

  • The easiest way to consume REST services inside Confluence
    Need to show data from a REST service or some other web content inside Confluence?  The ConfiDoc plugin can help!  ConfiDoc currently supports SQL, JSON, RSS, XML and CSV data formats for structured content and can import most other unstructured HTML content.

  • Connect to external services and include content from other servers safely.
    The Confluence administrator defines which services can be used, manages their authentication details, and configures permissions for internal user access.

  • The easiest way to build content mashups and dashboards in Confluence
    The ConfiDoc Plugin speeds dashboard construction by enabling the administrator to include results from QuickBuild, Cacti, JIRA, and other systems on a single page.

  • A built-in proxy to keep authentication details private
    The Confluence administrator centrally manages connections to external services in one place, and these controls are fully integrated with the Confluence permissions system.

  • DIsplay external web page content inside Confluence
    ConfiDoc can easily import HTML or images (and other binary formats) from other webservers and SharePoint sites into Confluence pages.  Do you need to include on a Confluence page build data from QuickBuild, Hudson, or Cruise control?  Perhaps a dashboard needs issue information from YourTrack or JIRA, a chart from Cacti, or data from Nagios or Zabbix?  The ConfiDoc plugin can turn these into easy tasks.

  • Customer driven
    ConfiDoc development responds to customers' ideas; tell us what you think and what is missing, and we will address your ideas in our development plans!


Tutorials from ConfiDoc website

Include HTML content from other services

Learn how to include content from Microsoft SharePoint inside Confluence page

Include RSS feed

Learn how to include RSS feeds data

Include graphs from Cacti

Learn how to include graphs from Cacti service inside Confluence

Show information from QuickBuild

Learn how to include information about your builds from QuickBuild inside Confluence page

Show Hudson build information

Learn how to show information about your builds from Hudson inside Confluence page

Show JIRA issues

Showing JSON content provided by JIRA API with ConfiDoc plugin

Including HTML excerpt from external service

You will learn how to include parts of HTML page from external webserver inside your Confluence page

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Tutorials and documentation

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