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We use Atlassian JIRA here and enable lookup UI on our ListView macro


Live DEMO below:

Parameter Value
JIRA Issue key



{panel:bgColor=#e7f4fa} *NOTE:* This suggestion is for *Confluence Server*. Using *Confluence Cloud*? [See the corresponding suggestion|]. {panel} See CONF-25086 which was marked as fixed, but was not complete. Add a Content representation with embedded styles, similar to SOAP API.


We use ListView with custom body layout, like this:

The service we use is Atlassian JIRA and it is defined in ConfiDoc configurations like this:


Very simple, no auth and uses just one parameter [KEY]

We use it with ConfiDoc's ListView macro 


We have also enabled default lookup UI (with a bit of customizations over the default texts and labels)


And the result you can see on the top of this page. Welcome to ConfiDoc! (smile)





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