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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

However, this might also work for ConfiForms cloud and in most cases it does. But please see this page to understand the differences between server and cloud versions of the ConfiForms app.

Since version 1.7.8 we introduced the functionality to register entries through URL.

This was available earlier as a REST API call and returned JSON as a result of the call, but now we have made it easier to use for ordinal users and it works with HTML.

Let's consider the following URL:


You can see that a service is available in "autoenroll.action"

It expects pageId ("pageId" parameter) and formName ("f" parameter). These parameters are mandatory and mean the following:

  • pageId - specifies the page where the user will be redirected after the method completes and expects that you have a form named ("f" parameter) configured there. If the forms is configured elsewhere  you need to specify a "storagePageId" parameter telling Auto-enroll that the forms is actually on some other page.
  • f - specifies the name of the ConfiForms form 
  • fi1=someval&fi2=anotherval&id=f7772622-d91f-401e-ac3c-5f263f219b45

    Here are 3 parameters fi1, fi2 and id  - this means that the record with given id will be updated with the given values. if you omit the "id" parameter then a new record will be created

  • fi1 and fi2 are ConfiForms Field Definitions configured on the form. Most of the types are supported. File types are not supported at all. And you should be very careful with updating values for smart classifier type fields and other complex fields what ConfiForms has. 

Starting with ConfiForms 3.6.2 you can specify _merge=true parameter to merge given in the auto-enrol values with values in the record (when id is given)

You can also specify a redirect URL, via "_redirectUrl" parameter