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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

However, this might also work for ConfiForms cloud and in most cases it does. But please see this page to understand the differences between server and cloud versions of the ConfiForms app.

With ConfiForms you can have a very convenient way to see your stored records in a card/form view using ConfiForms Entry Viewer macro.

You can render it as link or as button.

Read more in the Documentation

But you can also provide a link to your users (page visitors) to the page where this macro is placed and have it to perform some actions for you.

Such as

  • showing the record using modal dialog in read only mode
  • showing the record using modal dialog in editable mode (if permissions allow)

This is done by adding the following request parameters to the URL of the page:


to show an EDITABLE view of ConfiForms entry


to show an READONLY view of ConfiForms entry


ENTRY_ID is the id of the record you want to show in editable or readonly dialog