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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

When you create a ConfiForms Form with custom layout forms and would like to use the ConfiForms Fields together with their labels you are quite often have an issues with labels alignment (as labels are of different length)

And you have something like this

which does not look very nice...

Using HTML macro

With a simple CSS rule like this

Using space tools

If you don't have an HTML macro enabled in your Confluence server then you can define the CSS on for your Confluence space

(You need to be a Confluence space administrator)

Go to space tools and select "Look and Feel" → "Stylesheet"

And add the CSS style for ConfiForms label (you don't need to put <style></style> tags)

You can easily fix your layout to be much nicer

My playing with "width" attribute you can make the label take more or less space and align the fields better

You can also align your field's labels to be aligned on top with small addition to the CSS rules mentioned

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