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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

Velocity syntax is deprecated, please see Accessing field values and properties and Virtual functions for more details on how to access values of multi-select fields

Please use the virtual functions instead, Virtual functions (from ConfiForms version 1.16+)


Yes, this could be tricky.

The values are actually stored as an array and you should use Velocity foreach loop to get them.

Let's assume that the multi-select user field is named: Requestor (ConfiForms Field Definition's field name)

Then to get the values stored in this field in IFTTT macro body (to create a page or send an email) you will need to do the following:

#foreach ($r in $Requestor) $r.fullName #end

This will loop all the requestors and output their full names.

Which fields are available for the user object you can see here in more details: Documentation

But generally for user objects the following fields are exposed:

  • fullName
  • username
  • email


This example is valid for other types of multi-select fields. The only difference is that the values stored inside the field is not a rich object, but a simple text (varchar) value.

So you will reference it's value like this:

#foreach ($v in $SomeMultiValue) $v #end
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