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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

However, this might also work for ConfiForms cloud and in most cases it does. But please see this page to understand the differences between server and cloud versions of the ConfiForms app.

Since ConfiForms version 2.13.9 (Release Notes#Version2.13.9) you can enable Velocity templating for ConfiForms PlainView

This helps you to render a very custom outputs, as for each record rendering you have a shared Velocity Context. Below is an example that renders a custom html table for you

Consider a small form with just 2 fields

  • field1 of type text
  • field2 of type dropdown

And we want to render a very simple html table out of the data we have stored in our form

Standard TableView output

Text field


test OPTION 1
another row OPTION 2

PlainView output 

Field 1Field 2
another row2

Here is how the PlainView is configured

We selected to render it as a table

Set the macro to support Velocity templating

And placed Velocity template inside it's body. Basically rendering header only once, when "headerRendered" is not set/present

<tr><th>Field 1</th><th>Field 2</th></tr>
#set($headerRendered = true)


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