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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

Since ConfiForms version 2.13.9 (Release Notes#Version2.13.9) you can enable Velocity templating for ConfiForms PlainView

This helps you to render a very custom outputs, as for each record rendering you have a shared Velocity Context. Below is an example that renders a custom html table for you

Consider a small form with just 2 fields

  • field1 of type text
  • field2 of type dropdown

And we want to render a very simple html table out of the data we have stored in our form

Standard TableView output

Text field


test OPTION 1
another row OPTION 2

PlainView output 

Here is how the PlainView is configured

We selected to render it as a table

Set the macro to support Velocity templating

And placed Velocity template inside it's body. Basically rendering header only once, when "headerRendered" is not set/present

<tr><th>Field 1</th><th>Field 2</th></tr>
#set($headerRendered = true)


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