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Profile Strength plugin for Confluence

Makes it easy to have "Linkedin style" profiles in Confluence. Totally customisable reflect your company/community structure and uniqueness!

Main features

  • Profile strength macro to show the completeness of your profile
  • Totally customisable look and feel for profile categories
  • Own profile categories, public or private (visible only to user)
  • Administrator managed profile categories, if you need it
  • Aggregated statistics over your profile categories

How it looks like

Below is how the User Profile Strength macro looks like on the page (part of User Profile Strength plugin)

Please note that profiles are only visible to users who have logged in into Confluence, to preserve privacy

Have a question of feature request?

Just drop us an email, As usual, we develop our plugin using your feedback and requests. Totally customer driven, and we mean that!


Q: How do I configure Profile Strength categories?

A: You have to be a Confluence administrator to do that, as it is done through "Add-ons" UI. You need to find "User Profile Strength" plugin and click "Configure" button

There is also a direct link to Configuration: http://YOUR_SERVER/admin/vertuna/profilestrength/config.action


Q: How can I show profile categories in certain order?

A: The ordering of categories is determined as you choose them, meaning that the first category your choose (click) will be shown first when User Profile Strength macro is shown (rendered on the page)

Descriptive tooltip and "Enable edit for own profile" are shown only when a user sees her own profile strength


Q: Can we have profile categories what are controlled by administrators?

A: Yes, you can. Mark them as restricted in profile strength configuration


Little introduction video

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