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Obviously, there is a way (and very easy way) to use Smart Templates with our flagship add-on ConfiForms

ConfiForms is good at gathering data form your users in a structured way. But it can be used with many other use cases, such as providing the data stored within a form to a Smart Template.

This tutorial, Using embedded template with variables, shows how to use variables with template and how to set the values. It has the example of using the ConfiForms ValueView macro to do that as well, but there is another way also.

ConfiForms has a macro called CleanView (simplified brother of the ListView), which could render the contents of the form the way you define. We will  use it in the example below and get the values from the for using this macro and 


notation. See ConfiForms add-on documentation and Accessing field values and properties for a reference if you are not familiar with ConfiForms add-on

The form configuration is simple:

Just 2 fields

  • field1
  • field2

Will store a record with the following values

Then we will define a simple template:

And here is the result:

Values stored in ConfiForms are passed to Smart Templates add-on using the Confluence page properties macro

ConfiTemplates Smart Templates and Excerpts for Confluence CLOUD

If you are using ConfiTemplates Smart Templates and Excerpts and would like to implement a similar scenario then instead of using ConfiForms CleanView macro you shall be using the ConfiForms DataView

And the configurations shall be as follows

DateView macro from ConfiForms app needs to be set to render as "Table"

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