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Smart Templates supports variables the same way as Confluence Templates. But what is good about Smart Templates is that you can define the values fro your variables right on the page using Confluence page properties macro

Page properties could be:

  • with static values
  • with dynamic values produced by a macro


The simple case is when you have a template and the page properties macro with a static variable. Something like this:

The rendered result will be in this case:


 However, you can also get a value for your page property  (and then use it in Smart Template) from another macro. We will use the macro from our ConfiForms add-on which renders a value for field (we set it to use the raw format)

The rendered result is as follows (ConfiForms field has a value "Smart Templates is awesome" stored in the field we reference):


Smart Templates can use the result (the value) provided by any macro (does not have to be ConfiForms), as long as the result provided is what you expect and can be put into a page properties macro