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Simple macro to place your contents in an HTML div container

You can set it's ID and specify your CSS styles.

Macro renders an HTML div around the content you put in it's body with CSS styles you set.

Due to the bug in how Confluence renders user macros the contents of this div macro might be rendered incorrectly (outside the div...). Also user macro rendering struggles to render properly the textarea objects

## @param Id:title=DIV ID|type=string|required=true|desc=DIV element ID
## @param Css:title=CSS Style|type=string|required=false|desc=CSS styles for this DIV container

<div id="$paramId" #if(${paramCss})style="${paramCss}"#end>

In action below 

Renders "Hello" in red colour with dashed border


You can easily make this container scrollable by setting the CSS styles parameter as follows

overflow: scroll; overflow-y: auto; overflow-x:visible;height:300px;

Important bit is "height:300px", it sets the heights of the container. In this example the container heights will be 300 pixels

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