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Please use this form to request support on Atlassian add-ons developed by Vertuna LLC

Please make sure you are using a recent (or latest) version of the plugin, you are trying to request the support for.

Please update the plugins as frequently as possible. We constantly invest our time and lots of efforts to make our plugins better and more advanced, and strongly advice you to use the latest versions of our products available.

Support Request Form for Vertuna apps

Before contacting support, please make sure you have updated the plugin, you need help with, to latest version. Check Atlassian Marketplace for available versions of our apps
Select an app you need our help with...
We would like to know you and be polite when talking to you
So, we can reply you back for the details or when the feature is complete. No spam - we promise!
Describe your feature or support request in brief, or in details :-) Always helps when you tell us what Confluence/Jira version you are using
Put license SEN number or Company name

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