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Sharing some user macros for Confluence we have, which help us in our day to day work

  • Attachments listSimple user macro to shows page's attachments with metadata (ID - title - version)
  • Custom expand macroThis is a custom expand macro that works great with ConfiForms dialog mode forms
  • Div containerSimple macro to place your contents in an HTML div container
  • Hide commentsSimple macro to hide Confluence comments from page
  • Multi-page viewThis macro emulates a multi-page view for the contents. Very useful when used in Combination with ConfiForms custom layout
  • Page watermarkShows watermark on the page
  • Render contents if the user is in security groupThis macro renders it's content only if current user is in the configured security group
  • Render link to selfCreates a link to page itself
  • Reverse commentsReverses comments order on the page
  • Show current timestamp on the pageThis simple user macro renders current timestamp on the page (please note that it uses server's time)
  • Simple linkThis a user macro to create a simple link in Confluence - this is sometimes very needed in Confluence, especially when you want to have a "parametrized" link
  • Sticky boxThis macro renders a "sticky box" at the position you say with the contents you put inside the macro body

Macros are provided as-is, without any warranty or support. Feedback is very welcome! Use our Support Request Form to share your feedback

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