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Code Block
<table class="confluenceTable">
<tr class="confluenceTr"><th class="confluenceTh">My text field</th><th class="confluenceTh">My file</th></tr>
<tr class="confluenceTr">
<td class="confluenceTd"><p>[entry.sometextfld]</p></td>
<td class="confluenceTd"><p>
  <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="a088e4c2-51c4-47bc-9c33-6f887947f9ac" ac:name="view-file" ac:schema-version="1">
    <ac:parameter ac:name="name">
      <ri:attachment ri:filename="[entry.zefile]"/>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="height">250</ac:parameter>

In some case you will need to update the "view-file" macro parameters to be

Code Block
<ac:parameter ac:name="page"> 
        <ri:page ri:content-title="[entry._page.title]"/> 

when you want to include an excel file from another page

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