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Simple form with just 2 columns, a dropdown and textarea, and the rule to show textarea when a user made a choice in a dropdown and that is greater than 2 


ConfiForms Form Definition

choiceChoicefalse[1=One|2=Two|3=Three|4=Four|5=Five|]When more than 2 selected the comment field is shownselect

commentType your commenttextarea

choice:>2commentShow fieldchoicetrue

On the screenshot below you can see how the Registrations Control macro looks like in the editor

Image Added

And the form dialog itself, online demo

ConfiForms (Form View) Registrations Control


All the customizations, to change the border widths and to make them invisible on the table which renders fields in 2 column mode have been done using the Confluence source editor, adding CSS styles


Storage format for this simple 2 column form