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attachmentIdAttachment ID of the Excel file attachment to use as sourceNumericYes
skipRowsNumber of rows to skip (from the top). Defaults to 0 (rows to skip, from the top of the sheet)NumericNo
idCellNumWhich column to use as IDNumericNo
labelCellNumWhich column to use as labelNumericNo


Since 2.27.21 

Can supply a lookup value for the service to lookup. The subset returned will be filtered to match (as substring) the given valueTextNo


Since 2.27.23

Limiting the matching logic to specific field (cell)

Example: cell1 to limit to cell1 value only. If not specified then the match for given lookupValue is done against the whole row (all cells)



Since 2.27.2324

You can set the search to use "exact match", by default (when exactMatch is unspecified or false) the search is done as text substring match (case insensitive)