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  • New field type to streamline building of master-details forms and have 1-n fields in a form while submitting the form. Really excited to roll this out t our customers and it extends ConfiForms usability by a magnitude! (in our humble opinion, at least (smile))

Version 2.18

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Confluence 7.4 and lower (Now ConfiForms is again compatible with Confluence version as old as 6.3)
  • Support for PAT tokens in ConfiForms REST API. New version of ConfiForms REST API
  • Fixed CSS styling for CalendarView in Confluence 7.11
  • Fixed use of [unique] as validation parameter in ConfiForms Field Definition macro for formula/calculated field type
  • Experimental support for Import API to perform a lookup by label, when the label is given instead of an ID for key-value fields (dropdowns, checkbox groups, radio group fields, etc)