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Since ConfiForms app version 2.x we publish release notes here 

Table of Contents

Version 2.


20 (dev)

  • New field type to streamline building of master-details forms and have 1-n fields in a form while submitting the form. Really excited to roll this out t our customers and it extends ConfiForms usability by a magnitude! (in our humble opinion, at least (smile))

Version 2.18.15

  • Exports reworked and new service endpoint (fixed issues with incorrect Content-type served on certain cases) has been introduced

    /plugins/servlet/confiform/export  See updated Data Export tricks and hints

  • Improved support for Web-service backed fields when the choices are given as JSON array (of strings/numbers). Fixed "Apply filter on field" rule and retrieving field values through [entry.field_name] notations from the fields of these types and structures (no mappings for ID field)
  • Formulas are now correctly recalculated on any "quick action" - updates issues via action buttons, adding/removing comments, voting and "quick enrolling actions"
  • Permissions are now correctly verified on anonymized forms that involve interactions with pages/blogposts and attachments
  • Fixed issue with broken support for managing view/edit permissions on blogposts via Remove Page Edit Restrictions, Remove Page View Restrictions, Restrict Page Edit and Restrict Page View
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly added prefix to Confluence server in the contents generated via ConfiForms (emails, pages) that has links which contain mailto:

Version 2.18.14 

  • Improvements in formula calculations (Supported math operators, formulas and functions) to allow numeric values separated both, by comma and by dot
  • Improvements in memory/resources clean up after processing ConfiForms rendering operations
  • ConfiForms Field Definition Rules#ApplyFilteronafield works correctly on web-service fields backed by "array of values"
  • Fixed issue when ConfiForms was looking for the form's configuration page by it's title and was wrongly taking the blog post (when the blogpost had the same title)
  • Support for tooltips in fields (values) - new parameter on ConfiForms Field to enable field descriptions to be rendered as tooltips
  • ConfiForms contents indexer is improved to avoid initiation of transaction rollback on minor cases
  • Fixed bugs with loading and caching of loaded Jira issues
  • Add/Remove page watcher (IFTTT - Configuring ConfiForms IFTTT actions and rules#AddPageWatcher) can work also on pages that have ConfiForms that "allow reads" for users without proper view permissions on the page
  • Fixed issue with DateTimeInterval field when used is sorting, without specifying property (startDate/endDate) to sort on