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Version 2.27.30

  • Improved algorithm for Configuring ConfiForms IFTTT actions and rules#GenerateNextNumber covering use cases when data rows involved in the sequence number generation were removed
  • Fixed form view height if rendered for the administrator but has option to hide the metadata fields enabled
  • Voting field can now be set to hide the number of votes already collected in the view
  • Removed "extraContext" debugging parameter from ConfiForms field macro that accidentally went into the 2.27.29 version

Version 2.27.29

  • Made ConfiForms Field Definition Rules#Setvalue rule to work on "section" field (type)
  • Fixed issue with "Hide if matches" parameter on ConfiForms Field macro when used with CalendarView
  • New function to query number of records matching the filter - queryCount (Virtual functions
  • ConfiForms spaces field type can only be used on instances with less than 1000 spaces
  • Fixed issue with rendering of a "Dropdown (advanced)" field value inline (same row) (affects smart and DB advanced dropdown fields)
  • Fixed issue with fixed style TableViews and setting the field lengths via CSS rules on the ConfiForms Field macros How to create a table with fixed width columns in Confluence with ConfiForms
  • Improved troubleshooting for DB/WS mappings. Errors reported directly with details and the context
  • Improved support for setting values n multi-select fields via ConfiForms Field Definition Rules#Setvalue (empty values are safely ignored and only valid values are processed and set)
  • Section panel field is not rendered when default view is used on TableView/CardView (similarly to "info panel" field)
  • Fixed issue with NPE on ConfiForms field rendering when "hide if matches" paramter set and the field is used in the CalendarView
  • Custom email server can be set (by name) in the Configuring ConfiForms IFTTT actions and rules#SendEmail