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Searches and filters ConfiForms entries based QUERY given
  • GET


Supports optional parameters:

  • sort Sorting in ConfiForms
  • startAt - starts with 1 for first record if not specified. Must be a positive numeric value and larger than 0
  • limit - number of records to show per page. Maximum (and the default) number is 200 records per page
Where QUERY is an expression in ConfiForms Filters format


Deletes ConfiForms record from the form by id (UUID)
/delete/{token}/{pageId}/{formName}/{entryId}User must have permissions to edit/delete the record. This means ConfiForms cloud system user (com.vertuna.confluence.plugins.confiforms) must have enough permissions to do that.


Validates parameters against the rules and field types configured by the form
  • GET
  • POST
/validate/{token}/{pageId}/{formName}?<FIELDS>fields are given in a key=value format as any HTTP request parameters


Saves the parameters given as new record in ConfiForms form. Alls the rules are applied before saving according to form configuration
  • GET
  • POST
  • POST with multipart/form-data


Instead of <FIELDS> parameters added to the request url query string you can use POST method and send over the JSON payload with the structure as follows:

Code Block
  "fields": {
     "field1":"field value",
     "field2": "2020-04-25"

Multi-value fields you can give as JSON arrays

Code Block
"myfield": ["value1", "value2"]

You can also POST a request with multipart/form-data. This comes handy when you want to upload attachments together with record creation.

Please note that the parameter names must match the field names you have  defined in your ConfiForms form

fields are given in a key=value format as any HTTP request parameters


When you need to update the record the ID shall be given as "entryId" parameter

When no entryId parameter found or the record by given entryId could not be found then a new record will be created

Partial updates are supported. Meaning that you can supply less parameters than the record has (missing fields will not be updated).

To set the field value to empty, do supply it as a parameter


(where "myfield" is the name of the field you want to set the empty value for)


Loads ConfiForms record by id (UUID)
  • GET
/get/{token}/{pageId}/{formName}/{entryId}404 if not found


Updates ConfiForms field by query (for each record matching the query)
  • GET
  • POST
/update/{token}/{pageId}/{formName}?q=<QUERY>&fv=field:valueWhere QUERY is an expression in ConfiForms Filters format and "fv" is given in a field:value format, where "field" is the name of the field in ConfiForms record you want to update with "value"


Returns form configuration
  • GET

Returns form definition (configuration)

404 if not found