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Deprecated, use


current record owner (ownedBy field) or Anonymous (when user is "Anonymous")



Deprecated, use


current record modifier (User's full name)
Current timestamp. NB! Not evaluated to the value when in pre-sets and stays as [now] which results ALWAYS in current date. Use [entry._now] for the value

Deprecated, use


current user's username

Deprecated, use


current user's full name

Deprecated, use


current user's email
[entry._user]_usercurrent user object (can access email, name, and fullname, see accessing properties for user fields)User field
[entry._now]_nowcurrent timestamp, which can be converted to date using Virtual functions or used for comparison against other date/datetime fieldsDatetime
[entry._page]_pagecurrent page id (present in most cases, but not always)Page
[entry._storagePage]_storagePageform's page idPage
[entry._today]_todaycurrent timestamp (for date, without time)Date
[entry._count]_countnumber of records in the datasetNumeric
[entry._total]_totaltotal number of records in the datasetNumeric

Name of the form is now available in the context 

titleSince 2.2.0


When used with ConfiForms TableViewMerger macro you have access to the following variables

_sourcePageName of the page the form is locatedPage
_sourceFormName of the form where this data row is taken fromText

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