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What ConfiForms can do for me?

ConfiForms add-on app can help you to build data entry forms directly in Confluence, using Confluence editor. ConfiForms add-on is app is very versatile in functionality and covers a lot of user scenarios, with lot's of integration options - ranging from JIRA to databases and external web services. All these could be integrated into ConfiForms Form to help you to build a truly interactive user friendly forms.


Each ConfiForms Form is associated with a page (or a blogpost), the page where this form is defined using ConfiForms Form macro container. Administrators for this form are users who: have administrative access to Confluence (Confluence admins and superusers) users who have edit permissions on the page where the form is configured users (users in a group) who are explicitly set to be Form administrators via ConfiForms Form parameter to set additional form admins (they might not have Edit permissions on the page). Also see: Why do I see an extra button with + sign on my form and ownedBy field

Why do I see a "+" button on my form?

This is because you are the administrator of the form and allowed to see some metadata and create records on someones behalf. Ordinal users will not see this button. Also see: Why do I see an extra button with + sign on my form and ownedBy field

What happens with the data stored when the ConfiForms plugin gets disabled/uninstalled