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This is a live demo which uses content from Atlassian Market place status page

ConfiDoc Excerpt Macro
rootdiv class="components-container one-column"

<style type="text/css">
.component-status {


It uses a bit of a custom CSS and the configuration on the page looks like this:

Image Added

It all starts with Configuration definition and that looks like this:

Image Added

You can see it is very simple, no authentication is used and we just read the whole page from

Then we do some "magic" with selectors to select only the bits we are interested in

And the selector for ConfiDoc Excerpt macro looks like this

Code Block
div class="components-container one-column"

We just take in the contents from this "DIV" element

This is how the ConfiDoc Excerpt macro looks like in the config mode

Image Added

With a bit of custom CSS we can make it more readable on our page (see live example on top of the page)