Sometimes you need to share a link with someone which shows a subset of the data from the form

The easiest way to do that is to user built-in functionality which employs a "special" parameter.

Parameter name is: cf_search_ 

followed by the form name you would like the filter to be applied on.

Let's consider the following link:


The page "My Projects" has a simple TableView which lists all the projects from the form "MyForm". The form has a field named "title"

And this link will filter the TableView showing only projects which has "test" in their titles.

The filter itself looks like this (extracted from the request URL):


Or to filter by specific entry ID


You can have much more complex filters, as the parameter expects the same syntax as documented here: ConfiForms Filters 

NB! Since version 2.0.12 you can use "cf_force=true" parameter to ensure ONLY the filter from the URL is applied on the ConfiForms View (overriding completely default filters defined by the view)

Take a look at this link, if you experience troubles getting Confluence editor to accept the link you are trying to create (especially when used inside the IFTTT's or ListView/CalendarView macros)

Using URLs in IFTTT macro body