Although the ConfiForms plugin offers 19 different Confluence macros to ease form construction, it requires only 2 macros to define a simple form, and just 1 to display it anywhere in your Confluence installation. The ConfiForms macros can be quickly reviewed by Inserting a new macro (press shift + { and begin typing ConfiForms to select the ConfiForms Form Definition macro quickly, or press ctl + shift + A in Edit mode in a Confluence page). 

Getting started

Here are a couple key concepts for understanding ConfiForms:

These are the basic concepts you need to begin creating ConfiForms. When you have mastered these basics, there are many more useful features to explore. The ConfiForms plugin supports many scenarios and has been carefully integrated with other systems in Confluence, providing many customisation options. 

Read more about basic concepts on our Confluence wiki, Basic concepts

Take a look at conceptual view over macros from ConfiForms app - ConfiForms app simplified view of macros and more detailed - ConfiForms app detailed view over the plugin macros

We have more than 70+ field types.

We support 40 types of IFTTT actions you can call

ConfiForms documentation

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We are here to support you. Tell us what is missing, report any issues or blockers, request for support. 

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