At the moment ConfiForms cloud does not have all the capabilities that are present in ConfiForms app for server/data center

This is due to the differences between the platforms (technical) and user experience (behavioural)

Please also see this page: Confluence new editor and ConfiForms configuration

Documentation on ConfiForms app macros for server/data center can be found here: Documentation

Missing functionality in ConfiForms cloud

Please refer to the matrix below to see the differences between the versions of ConfiForms app.

Recovery API uses the same format for the file, but you have to be aware that user information in cloud and server is stored using different IDs and using recovery APIs in cloud with server RAW export (or vice versa) may not be what you are expecting

Look at automatic migration options ConfiForms now offers - Migration from server to cloud

Macro NameServer/Data CenterCloudComments (cloud version)Remarks
ConfiForms Form (Definition)

Limited support for parameters.
  • No support for read-only mode after submission
ConfiForms Field Definition

At the moment the following field types are supported:

TypeSupported in ConfiForms cloud

Action Button

Attachments picker

Autopage - to track the record sourceYou can use [entry._page] notation to set field to current page

Checkbox group

Confluence Multilabel
CurrencyNumeric field can be used instead. Formatting possible by using Virtual functions


Datetime interval

Database dropdown
Database dropdown (advanced)
Database multi-select
Database checkbox
Database radio group
Database Smart Classifier
Database-backed row referencing field
Database Dynamic Multilabel
Drawing canvas

Dropdown (advanced)

Dynamic Dropdown (auto-suggest)
Dynamic Dropdown (auto-suggest) - Database
Dynamic Dropdown (auto-suggest) - Webservice
Dynamic Multilabel
Enroll button
File - upload files/images
LinkYou can use asLink from Virtual functions 

Hidden Html
Insight object
Insight object (multi-select)
Insight objects dropdown
Iranian calendar
Info panel (readonly)
IP Address (tracking)
Markdown editor

Masked Text

Numeric field

Numeric hidden fieldCan use hidden field instead
Jira issue

Jira issues (multi-select)
Jira JQL
Page/Blog post
Yes, but only for pages
Page/Blog post (multi-select)Yes, but only for pages. Not supported for blogs. Forms also cannot be configured on blogposts in Confluence cloud

Radio group



Security group

Security group (multi-select)

Simple Date

Smart Classifier
Smart Dropdown

Smart Dropdown (advanced)

Smart Multi-select

Smart Checkbox

Smart Radio buttons

Status - group your dataSimple dropdown works even better and is suggested to be used instead
Storage format

Timestamp (epoch)Simple hidden field works just fine

User (multi-select)


Voting control
Webservice-backed object referencing field

Webservice dropdown

Webservice dropdown (advanced)

Webservice multi-select

Webservice checkbox

Webservice radio group

WYSIWYG simple editor

ConfiForms Registration Control (FormView)

Very limited support for custom design for the form (possible but need to be aware of missing support for nesting of bodied macros)

Different types of parameters supported due to UI differences in Confluence server/cloud

ConfiForms Edit Controls

Cannot use custom design for the form, because new Confluence editor does not support nesting of bodied macros
ConfiForms TableView

All major parameters are supportedAim is to provide 100% feature parity. Let us know what is missing.
ConfiForms ListView

All major parameters are supportedAim is to provide 100% feature parity. Let us know what is missing.
ConfiForms CleanView

ConfiForms PlainView

ConfiForms CardView

All major parameters are supportedAim is to provide 100% feature parity. Let us know what is missing.
ConfiForms CalendarView

Most parameters are supportedAim is to provide 100% feature parity. Let us know what is missing.
ConfiForms ValueView

All major parameters are supported, also aggregation/calculation
ConfiForms Form Field

All major parameters are supported. We also aim to support all the virtual functions and properties available on server/data centerLet us know what is missing.
ConfiForms IFTTT Integration Rules 

At the moment the following actions are supported:

IFTTT ActionServer/Data centerCloud
Add Attachment Label
Add Page Label
Add Page Watcher
AppLink service
Copy Attachment
Copy ConfiForms Data
Copy ConfiForms Data to DB
Create Attachment
Create BlogPost
Create Comment
Create ConfiForms Entry
Create Insight Object
Create JIRA Issue
Create Page
Delete Attachment
Delete ConfiForms Entry
Delete Page
Force Page Re-index
Generate next number
Make request
Move Attachment
Move Page
Redirect to URL
Remove Attachment Label
Remove Page Label
Remove Page Edit Restrictions
Remove Page View Restrictions
Remove Page Watcher
Rename Page
Restrict Page Edit
Restrict Page View
Render (execute) macro
Run JavaScript
Send Email
Send SMS
Send Notification
Update JIRA Issue
Update ConfiForms entries by filter
WebService Request

ConfiForms TableView Merger

Missing support for nested bodied macros. Currently out of scope and using REST API for ConfiForms CLOUD is suggested instead
ConfiForms  Rules for Field Definition

At the moment the following rules are supported:

Rule actionSupported in ConfiForms cloud
Apply CSS on a field
Apply Filter on a field
Apply Filter based on matching criteria
Hide field
Hide container
Lookup and set DB value
Lookup and set WS value
Lookup and set JIRA issue data
Lookup and set Insight object data
Lookup and set value
Run custom JavaScript
Set expression
Set field label
Set field readonly
Set form title
Set value
Set value if empty
Set submit button label
Show field
Show container
Reset value
Validate if exists in other Form
Validate uniqueness
Validate on delete
Validation rule
Validation rule dataset
Aim is to provide 100% feature parity
CSS Rules for ConfiForms Fields

Aim is to provide 100% feature parity. Let us know what is missing.
ConfiForms View Control (EntryViewer)

Gathering interest, but due to the lack of support for nesting bodied macros in the new editor this might be impossible to do (especially with custom layout). As this macro is always added into the "views" macro. And "views" macros are always a bodied macros.  
ConfiForms IFMatches View Helper

Missing support for nesting bodied macros
ConfiForms Dynamic Filter

Gathering interest
ConfiForms DataView 

ConfiForms cloud specific, provides a way to access macro data in a clean way