Asset type fields are part of asset type configuration (See more on creating asset types here - How to create an asset type).

Each asset type in AssetForms has at least one field and this is called "name". So, each asset has a name (because every asset type defines at least this field)

The field is a text field and is a required field. You cannot change that, but you can change it's label. It does not have to be with label "Name" and you are free to choose whatever you want as a label.

However, the field's name cannot be changed and is always "name".

We offer quite a long list of different types for your fields in AssetForms app

Start by choosing field type and clicking on "Add Field" button

You will be presented with the UI similar to what you see below. 

Expand the view by clicking on 

Consider changing the generated name for field. As generated field name is not that meaningful and it is much easier to name the fields as you link, not as system suggests

We will call this "contractNumber"

So, you will have something like this. You can change CSS, field label, add field description and set the field to be compulsory if you need to.

Dropdowns or fields that offer choices (checkbox groups / radio groups / multi-selects) have one additional field to configure and that is to configure options / choices. 

Quick preview on how fields look like when you create an asset of this asset type. See "Contract number" and "Contract type" fields below

This asset type has also a field of Jira issue multi-select to demonstrate how you can link assets to Jira issues. More on this can be found here: Linking assets to Jira issues