Short recipe to show how to use "transform" function with smart fields. See more about Virtual functions here

Consider having 2 forms

One form with a field "choice" and of type "text"

Another form with a field "purpose" and of type "smart dropdown"

Let's say we have these options in form nr.1

These values are available as dropdown items in the form nr.2

If we want to show the "labels" of the "choice" field (form nr.1) on the ListView which is configured to show values of form nr.2

And we want these values to be shown as


Something, JIRA expects for multi-select fields

We will need to put the following expression into the field name

or, alternatively, if we need it without any styling and pure text value


This translates into the following:

Which will give us the result we need.

There is no limits on a number of functions you can chain, and there is no limits on the depth of the references to another forms (can navigate as much as you need)

More on Virtual functions here