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Know your Confluence content

SpaceAuditor is an add-on to the Space Tools in Confluence which analyses and reports on content in the Confluence system, the plugins used (and unused), users, system notifications, and much more. This plugin is an indispensable tool for planning Confluence upgrades, assessing licenses needed for installed plugins, or simply for supporting the Confluence space in daily operations.


Assess space size

Analyze the size of spaces in the Confluence system: SpaceAuditor reports space size with and without attachments, tracks pages and their versions, includes trash size, and many additional details about the content in Confluence spaces.


To guide upgrade decisions, SpaceAuditor reports on all the plugins and their usage in the Confluence system, ranking plugin use in order to reveal the most heavily used plugins and their associated spaces.


SpaceAuditor provides various metrics for analyzing Confluence pages, including their size, those with the most comments, those with the most contributions, age (as a guide for updating obsolete pages), and many more.

Obsolete content

Easily understand which pages are old as a guide for updating obsolete information.

Wiki markup

Assess how much of the Confluence content is still in wiki or HTML markup.


SpaceAuditor provides a consolidated view for the content in all Confluence spaces, and these usage reports can be exported for further analysis.



Analyze the activities of space administrators, contributors, and the principal users of your site.


Explore who is subscribed to blogs, who watches which pages, and check the subscriptions of deactivated users.


Check permissions throughout your Confluence installation, as well as pages and restrictions set by deactivated users.


  • Ease content migration from wiki format to storage format for Confluence pages from previous versions
  • Remove user notifications (for disabled user accounts)
  • Clean up after a user account has been disabled or closed in external directories such as LDAP, MS Active Directory
  • Remove user connections, including drafts, favorites, statuses
  • Check user permissions for pages in order to troubleshoot user access to particular resources/pages
  • Move comments from one page to another
Activity Logs
This feature tracks sensitive space operations, such as Space exports.


  • Various macros to help you with showing page metadata within a page (page created, modified, authors, modifiers and many other)

Page meta

  • Integrates with Page Tools to provide content metadata details for concrete page: which add-ons and macros used, page size when stored in DB, page size when rendered (without external resources). Also provides convenient way to see page visits if it is enabled for the space or particular page


  • Where I can find the SpaceAuditor pages in Confluence?
    Access SpaceAuditor through the Space Administration User Interface in Confluence, typically at the bottom of the left sidebar. Confluence administrators can configure the plug-in for all spaces in the General Administration section.

  • Does SpaceAuditor provide real time data or are the stats based on a system snapshot?
    Real time data is recorded and presented online when you request it. Because data is recorded in real time, the plug-in may affect your Confluence server's performance during the recording process, especially for lower capacity hardware or on systems with heavy loads.

  • Why is SpaceAuditor no longer free?
    We are keenly interested in improving SpaceAuditor, and we have found that offering it for free does not provide us with the feedback and resources we need to develop the plugin further. Like all our products, SpaceAuditor has grown through customer-driven development without which we do not receive new feature requests. Such customer feedback has enabled us to identify new features and to optimise some parts of the addon to be less resource hungry.

  • I want to gather some stats which SpaceAuditor does not provide. Can you help me?
    Yes, please tell us about it! Send your requests to vertuna(at)

Available on Atlassian Marketplace

SpaceAuditor plugin, version 3.6.0

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