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ConfiForms Plugin for Confluence - easily create your very own custom data entry forms with workflows and integrations (such sending emails, creating JIRA issues, using ConfiForms forms as page templates and much much more)

Data Entry Forms and Workflows for Confluence made easy and with love!

Documentation for ConfiForms cloud version could be found here: ConfiForms CLOUD documentation

Please also refer to the differences between ConfiForms server/data center and ConfiForms cloud 

ConfiForms - Data Forms & Workflows on Atlassian marketplace

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AssetFroms for Jira

Introducing AssetForms for Jira, the new app that puts you in control of all your company assets.

Asset Management Done Right. CMDB, ITIL, ITSM, ITAM and above and beyond. For you, In Jira with AssetForms app

AssetForms for Jira on Atlassian Marketplace

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ConfiTemplates Templates & Excerpts

Organise and re-use your Confluence content in an easy and smart way. Reduce and fix your duplicate content and lower maintenance costs!

Global changes to your pages will be a breeze.

ConfiTemplates Templates and Excerpts for Confluence on Atlassian Marketplace

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ConfiDoc Plugin for Confluence - create content mashups, include and reuse from *any* source (now including DATABASES!)


The easiest way to integrate REST services, data from the databases (using SQL) or any arbitrary HTML content in Confluence

ConfiDoc. Viewer for SQL, XML, JSON, CSV

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SpaceAuditor for Confluence

Confluence system audit and statistics. Know your content, add-ons used and not used, most popular, less popular and many other metrics and details about your Confluence content.

Also includes a handy toolbox with simple macros to show page author, page created date, modified date and many other metadata fields

SpaceAuditor - Statistics & Analytics for Confluence on Atlassian Marketplace

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ConfiPanels - handy panels for Jira cloud

Little handy panel to quickly show other requests by given customer or reporter

HTML include macro for Confluence Cloud on Atlassian Marketplace

Useful user macros we use everyday and happy to share with you

User macro goodies

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