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[empty]To match when a particular field in the returned data is empty; for example: field1:[empty] will match records where field1 is empty (does not have a value even though the form defines this field)
[now]To match on the current time and date; often useed with '<' and '>' for comparing with dates stored. For example: someDateField:<[now] will match records where the field 'someDateField' has a value which is in the past compared to now (current time)
[today]To match on the current date, much like [now], but without hours and minutes
[tomorrow]To compare the returned data against tomorrow's date ( [today]+1 could also be used)
[yesterday]To compare the returned data against yesterday's date ( [today]-1 could be also used)
[end-of-month], [start-of-month], [now], [today], [yesterday], [tomorrow], [today]+N, [today]-NFunctions added / revised in ConfiDoc version 3.4.6
'<' and '>'These can be used together with date and datetime fields, as well as to compare values in the returned data with values stored in numeric fields
'=<' and '>='Added in ConfiDoc 3.4.6
!To reverse or negate the filter condition; for example: !field1:[empty] will find records that have data in 'field1'