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  • New field type to streamline building of master-details forms and have 1-n fields in a form while submitting the form. Really excited to roll this out t our customers and it extends ConfiForms usability by a magnitude! (in our humble opinion, at least (smile))

Version 2.18.13


  • Using new Audit IFTTT action has been fixed to correctly set the "creator" of the audit log entry to be the user who made the auditable change
  • Support for arrays of values in Web-service backed fields (not required to have JSON object as a mappable option, but supports "strings" as well)
  • Fixed bug with filtering by file name when file name contains a comma (,)
  • Fixed bug with ConfiForms Filer Control macro with option set to use date ranges and when a date/datetime field uses custom formatting pattern in the form
  • Bugfix to preserve the "required" attribute on field label when the ConfiForms Field Definition Rules#Setfieldlabel rule is used on required fields
  • Support for [entry.field_name] parameters when contents in referenced through ConfiTemplates

Version 2.18.12

  • Fixed ConfiForms CSS Rules macro when applied on the TableViewMerger which is used in "aggregation mode"
  • Improved Import API to support "updates". Select "entryId" as a mapping for your column containing ConfiForms's record internal ID to perform an update on record
  • Making sure the plain view is returned when using "evaluateFormula" formula from Virtual functions
  • Improving rendering performance of page properties - using lazy loading and optimizations for non rich-text values to render quicker