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Version 2.27.17


  • Fixed issue with "Controlled vocabulary" option in multi-select fields
  • Support for ESC key as a "hot key" to quickly close the inline (individual) edit UI
  • Fixed minor issue with discovery service not working with application links that contain illegal names
  • CSV2JSON experimental service - Using Excel files as sources for ConfiForms fields  (https://your_confluence_server/ajax/confiforms/rest/csv-2json.action)
  • Improved support for metadata fields (id/recordId) when used with ConfiForms Filter Control macro
  • Improved support for using results of a web service call for JSON documents that contain "." (dots) in property names
  • More robust "discovery attachments" routine to handle better poor configurations for IFTTTs to move/copy attachments

Version 2.27.16

  • Improved support for inline edits on configurations having multiple views of the same type to the same form
  • Backward compatibility issue with system-like field names (not following the casing) for own field names and inline individual edits. Only will work when "strictValidation" for forms is disabled
  • Fixed issue with duplicate processing of custom JS and action messages duplicated when multiple ConfiForms macros are used on the page 
  • Improved support for dates/timestamps when IFTTT to copy/update data to database (DB) is used