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  • ConfiForms Server REST API version 1 has extension parameters to troubleshoot the performance and get statistics on save/update and form definition endpoints
  • Fixed issues with missing error messages when inline edits were used
  • Versioning has been fixed for custom layouts and for inline edits (versioning is not supported for individual edits)
  • Fixed issue finding the right contents when Comala Document plugin is installed and ConfiForms is used to have Edit/Viewer macros with custom layouts in views
  • Fixed required validation for fields that are updated/created using individual edits
  • Database classifier field now supports accessing other properties via Velocity templating, allowing you to check the value for the particular field in a classifier, not only the classifier itself
  • Numeric fields now take an advantage and use the "numeric" field type in HTML
  • Fixed issue with filter matching against the users voted using the Voting control field
  • new virtual function to access field's metadata - fieldMetadata (it's type, name, required and description parameters)
  • tel protocols are now supported in HTML links when rendered through ConfiForms
  • Fixed incompatibility with Confluence 7.4.x and lower
  • Fixed issue with Jira Helper in ConfiForms IFTTT not taking the correct application link on IE when an attempt to generate an issue mapping is done
  • Fixed issue with custom CSS not being set correctly on advanced dropdowns
  • Fixed issue with export to Excel on Confluemce Confluence 7.4.x and lower

Version 3.4.5