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Version 3.7.7

  • Fixed issue with Edit/View restrictions on fields when it has more than 2 options (usernames, security groups)
  • Fixed issue with regular expression validation on date fields

Version 3.7.6

  • Fixed a regression with a preset default values in ConfiForms Registrations Control / FormView macro
  • Fixed issue with page permissions check on Confluence 8.5.x+ discovered through the CQL (dynamic sources / usage from a template)
  • Copying of records now copies attachments correctly (creating a new version) if any is defined in the original record
  • Fixed issue with a dynamically evaluated edit restrictions on fields
  • Fixed issue with regular expressions check not working on date/date time field
  • updateFieldValue REST API from ConfiForms Server REST API version 1 supports "query" as parameter (to specify the filtering expression)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect rendering of fields that are restricted with dynamically evaluated expressions in TableViews/CardViews using a default layout (all fields / empty macro body)