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Version 3.10.1

  • Fixed issue with IFTTT macro logs not rendered properly (How to troubleshoot and debug ConfiForms IFTTT rules execution)
  • Fallback connection for Jira now supports both on-premise and cloud instances of Jira
  • ConfiForms Edit Controls support dynamic labels for buttons (a label can be taken from a field value)
  • Rules processing times are now logged to help with debugging and figuring out the possible bottlenecks
  • Now the debug information is also shown (when enabled) for forms that fail to process completely (broken logic in IFTTTs, for example)
  • Fixing issue with emails not being sent when the IFTTT is invoked through the REST API call
  • Fixed issue with TableViewMerger not properly loading the _sourceForm and _sourcePage metadata fields on certain configurations, making it impossible to access these fields values

Version 3.10.0

  • Fixed issues with ConfiForms configuration (update/create) not working properly on Confluence 8.8.x
  • Possibility to configure a fallback connection to Jira using the service account for the authentication to be used automatically for users who cannot use the "Create Jira" IFTTT (which expects users to be authenticated through the application link)
  • Fixed behaviour of Smart multi-row when it is set to use the form located on a restricted page (also taking into account the flag that can be set on the ConfiForms Form Definition to "allowReads", which overrides the page permissions and allows users to access data from the restricted form)
  • Fixed issue with smart multi-row field when it is set to be edited inline (individually), but also is configured to have a lookup functionality
  • Improved lifecycle for the "create record" functionality to handle smart multi-rows better on forms that fail validation
  • Improved rendering of comment fields in emails
  • Fixed issue with setting rules in Insight dropdown field (change events were not correctly propagated)
  • Removed configuration parameter that required Confluence administrators to enable UI logging for forms. This now can be set individually per form
  • Introducing DataLoader (which is available in ${dataLoaded} variable in Velocity context which allows to query other forms right from Velocity templates)
  • Fixed issue with duplicate handlers set on fields under certain conditions (using ConfiForms Field Definition Rules)
  • Reverse rule to hide the EntryViewer is now supported
  • Support for referencing CSS classes in ConfiForms CSS Rules for Fields macros
  • Fixed UI issue with WYSIWYG that allows to set the field to render in legacy mode (old WYSIWYG editor)
  • Now it is possible to debug UI rules, using the same "debug mode" parameter on the form (definition)
  • Move attachment IFTTT now renames an attachment automatically if the one to move conflicts (by file name) with some existing attachment on the target page