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ConfiForms Form Definition
registrationFormTitleSupport Request Form for Vertuna apps

infoInfoBefore contacting support, please make sure you have updated the plugin, you need help with, to <b>latest</b> version. Check Atlassian Marketplace for <a href="" target="_blank">available versions</a> of our appsinfopanel

requestNumberRequest NumberSUPPORT-:100auto id:[empty]requestNumberHide field

min-width:380pxaddOnTypeAdd-onfalse[assetforms=AssetForms for Jira|cdoc=ConfiDoc. Viewer for SQL, XML, JSON, CSV|confi=ConfiForms. Data Forms & Workflows|html=HTML include macro for Confluence cloud|st=Smart ConfiTemplates|sa=SpaceAuditor - Statistics & Analytics|]Select an app you need our help id:[empty]addOnType!addOnType:saApply Filter on a field

sourcePage sourcetrueautopage

nameYour nameWe would like to know you and be polite when talking to youtexttrue

emailYour emailSo, we can reply you back for the details or when the feature is complete. No spam - we promise!texttrue

min-width:500px;width:500px;height:300px;requestDescribe your requestDescribe your feature or support request in brief, or in details :-) Always helps when you tell us what Confluence/Jira version you are usingtextarearequest.asLength:>10000Request message is too large. We can accept only up to 10K characters messages at this pointValidation rule

clientIPClient IPtrueip

width:200pxsenAdd-on's license ID (SEN)Put license SEN numbertexttrue sen.asLength:>20SEN number is too longValidation rule

jkRelated Jira keyhidden

captchaLittle captcha to solvePlease solve the captcha by typing the same letters and numbers you see on the pictureWe just want to make sure you are not a "robot" :-)captchatrue

trueWebService Request7858b74df3dc0ad68eefddbf771d809aonCreatedrest/api/2/issue/X-Atlassian-Token: no-check;Content-Type: application/json;JJPOSTtrueCreate ConfiForms EntryonCreatedentryId=[]&jk=[iftttResult_JJ]

trueSend Emailvertuna@vertuna.comonCreated[entry.jk.asJSON.key] Vertuna Support Request (Confluence add-ons)


[] []





truetruetrueSend Emailvertuna@vertuna.comonCreated[entry.jk.asJSON.key] Vertuna Support Request (Confluence add-ons)[]

Just confirming that we got your request. We're on it.

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