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This page itself uses ConfiDoc Excerpt macro to show the content from Tutorials page

Here is the list of tutorials (Live demo) Scroll down to see how it is configured 



Here is how this is configured:

On the Tutorials page we have a ConfiDoc Anchor macro around our tutorials list


So we have an anchor called "oldTutorials". And we specify it as a CSS3 like parameter to ConfiDoc Excerpt macro (which we have placed on to this page)


And the result you can see on the top of the page.

You can include multiple excerpts, include it multiple times and the way you want/need. In most cases you will not even need to set an anchor macro on original page as ConfiDoc excerpt macro can work with raw HTML and select the content directly from the page. You will need just to make sure the content block is identifiable and can be selected with CSS3 like selector syntax



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