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Playground and DEMO space

This is a playground and demo space for ConfiForms and ConfiDoc addons developed and supported by Vertuna LLC

Most pages provide a storage format for the demo, so you can use the free add-on from Atlassian Confluence Source Editor to import this configuration into your Confluence and see it in action

Please note, all the examples here are provided without any obligation and may or may not be incomplete or may have bugs, and we provide NO SUPPORT for these examples and demos.

DFMEA = Design failure Mode Analysis

Form with components

Available components list

Item and function

Potential failure mode(s)

Legs bend/brake
Wheels wheel lock
Blocks thread strip
Blocks slip
Brain Think
5555⁵55 4444

DFMEA prototype (no project abstraction here yet, everything is in one place, together)

Register new metric

Registered so far

Select component and mode

Pottential effect of failure


Pottential cause of failure


Current design controls



Legs : bend/brake looses stability 3 excessive force 2 visual check 3 18
Wheels : wheel lock hinders motion 2 weather/water 1 motion check 2 4
Legs : bend/brake hinders motion 3 over tighten 8 motion check 4 96
Brain : Think hinders motion 5 excessive force 7 motion check 4 140
Wheels : wheel lock device failure 1 excessive force 3 motion check 4 12
Legs : bend/brake device failure 123 over tighten 123 tool check 123 1860867
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