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Playground and DEMO space

This is a playground and demo space for ConfiForms and ConfiDoc addons developed and supported by Vertuna LLC

Most pages provide a storage format for the demo, so you can use the free add-on from Atlassian Confluence Source Editor to import this configuration into your Confluence and see it in action

To import examples from the storage format on Confluence Cloud please see this page

Please note, all the examples here are provided without any obligation and may or may not be incomplete or may have bugs, and we provide NO SUPPORT for these examples and demos.

Customers list ("customers" form)

Using customers list ("usingCustomers" form)

Showing "usingCustomers" form data together with customer legal name and acronym, and customer status + fields from the "usingCustomers" form

Customer Legal Name




Another text field

cust1 C1 Active hello world
Verizon VZ Active
cust 2 C2 Inactive gfgfj 1234567
cust1 C1 Active
test003 t3 Active tata3 srtz rt nstz n
Pratik P Active
gfn sn Active tyh tsh
HS GmbH HSGmbH Active adsfadf dddd
Pratik P Active
test003 t3 Active
Legal Name Legitatemate Name Active Legal Name is being used Another text field
12345 67890
Abcd !234
testa testb Inactive 123
Dwight K Schrute DS Active sure
Dwight K Schrute DS Active 14
Dwight K Schrute DS Active 14
Dwight K Schrute DS Active 14 14
Verizon VZ Active 11111111111111111
test003 t3 Active dddddddddddd999999999 9f003jiofqnerjkfeöjksdajklanvf
Qwerty QTY Active text1 another text
zzz tr Active gggg
Mon usager Usager Active Ceci est de cet usager Bla bla bla
Teppo Tulppu TeTu Inactive Naapuritieto Muuan ankka.
blabla blabla Active ertert ertertert
blabla blabla Active gyg ghjlgh
test003 t3 Active dfg dfgdfgdfg
frank fb Active
Verizon VZ Active sdfsdf
cust1 C1 Active
ffbg grrfgg Active 222 vfbfbf
12345-JG JG Active gwehgwrhb wsgwrgwr
Verizon VZ Active
Adi Dassler adidas Active Sportproduzent <ydf<sgf<s <setfr <
asas asasas Active as as
cust1 C1 Active tester tesssst
mikmouk mik Active blabla blibli
Jamppa Testaaja JT Active Teksti1 Toinen
paul humpf Active mumps mspdmasdf

cust 2 C2 Inactive we wewe
ffff yyyy Active mmmm nnnn
Perry pet Active kjhgkjhgkjhg 0987098708
Pratik P Active 3333 33333
Mister Knister Ltd MKL Active jo hi Cool Stuff
Mister Knister Ltd MKL Active Really Cool yep
test003 t3 Active
Mister Knister Ltd MKL Active jk 1 jk 2
tyu uyt Active ert tre
test test Active 2 65151
Guy Nougouapi Active ooo ooo
cust1 C1 Active ghjghj fhfh
ttttttttttttttttttt Active Hdhdhsj Ndjdjjd
Pratik P Active
name yo Active blah boo
Verizon VZ Active sdfv sdfvdfv
Guy Nougouapi Active d bvn
testing12345 testing12345 Active testing12345 testing12345
Jürgen Edding Active test blabla
cust1 C1 Active gghhjj yyuuii
test003 t3 Active jhtjht htthm,
Wiki Vertuna WV Active A woeful document But the only one we have
ume umes Active hkhjlkk ddhgd ume
ume umes Active fhgf dffj
Verizon VZ Active
cust1 C1 Active sd
mrbean BB Active fefew efwefwefe
cust 2 C2 Inactive
Verizon VZ Active w46u5w6 e57ioe6o
Verizon VZ Active
zzz tr Active randy randy
DragonSoft DSD Active test test
bff gd Active 213 2333
testa testb Inactive ggggggggggggg
BADOS BADY Inactive one more +1
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