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Playground and DEMO space

This is a playground and demo space for ConfiForms and ConfiDoc addons developed and supported by Vertuna LLC

Most pages provide a storage format for the demo, so you can use the free add-on from Atlassian Confluence Source Editor to import this configuration into your Confluence and see it in action

Please note, all the examples here are provided without any obligation and may or may not be incomplete or may have bugs, and we provide NO SUPPORT for these examples and demos.

Firewall Configuration Data

Essentially, how many companies provide the customer Internet connections
Primary ISP Company Name (e.g., AMC, Verizon, etc.)
Secondary ISP Company Name (e.g., AMC, Verizon, etc.)
Tertiary ISP Company Name (e.g., AMC, Verizon, etc.)

ASA Model

High Availability

ISP1 (Original)

(camel case)

5506-X Yes help me with name Help Me With Name
5506-X Yes Test Test
5506-X Yes AMC Amc
5506-X Yes test Test
5506-X Yes test 1 Test 1
5516-X Yes abc Abc
5506-X Yes abc 1 Abc 1
5506-X Yes Verizon Verizon
5516-X No mhtg1 Mhtg1
5516-X Yes att Att
5506-X Yes AMC Amc
5506-X Yes 1111 1111
5506-X Yes tttt Tttt
5506-X Yes fdsfdsfa Fdsfdsfa
5506-X Yes test Test

Storage format for the solution - 

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