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On this page we publish all the news and announcements around the plugins we develop and support

Vertuna LLC announcements and news

We are the Gold Atlassian Marketplace Partner!

Jul 27, 2023

Yes, we finally did it - we are the Gold Atlassian Marketplace Partner!

ConfiForms app is a "staff picked" again!

Jul 10, 2023

Cool! ConfiForms app is a "staff picked" again! Thank you Atlassian for your trust and support, and of course our current and future customers!

Wow! Another achievement on Atlassian community - 1000 Answers Posted

May 05, 2023

That is something what is hard to believe, but... we have earned the 1000 Answers Posted badge! Answering Atlassian community is a natural task of our daily schedule... and integral part of it, right. But still seeing the magical 1000 is so cool!

ConfiForms cloud has a new storage option to please users who want to store data within the Atlassian platform

May 01, 2023

Yes, we have some great news for our EU cloud users and for everybody else who want top store their form's data closer to Atlassian platform See this page for details on what we have to offere and how to start using it

500 Accepted Solutions

Apr 05, 2023

Wow! What an achievement! 500 Accepted Solutions on Thank you all! Current and future customers. Feels awesome!

ConfiForms cloud is getting better

Mar 30, 2023

More and more features gets developed to have a feature parity with DC/server version of the app. We are still behind, but already proud of what we have achieved. New recent additions - execution log (helps you to understand how complex forms behave), new IFTTTs to copy pages and to do automatic data audit

ConfiDoc and ConfiTemplates got a DC approval renewal

Mar 17, 2023

ConfiDoc and ConfiTemplates apps got a DC approval renewal for 2023. Yes, we make sure our apps are enterprise ready and behave well in data center. And they truly are!

ConfiForms compatibility with Confluence 8

Jan 24, 2023

Yes, we are finally ready with publishing of the ConfiForms app version that is compatible with Confluence 8.0.2 (why not any earlier 8.x version? See this

Oh, how a tough ride it was with so many unknowns and tribal knowledge to figure out and use.

Internally Confluence have switched between frameworks that apps are build upon and that has caused minor effects on simple apps, but on large and highly capable apps, such as ConfiForms, it was a challenge even to think about it.

But we have made it and very happy with the result so far.

New Data Center approval for ConfiForms app

Nov 01, 2022

As you may know, each Data Center app on Atlassian marketplace needs to pass the data center approval process. More on this

And we have done this for past 3 years and just did it again for year 2023!

Feels good and you can be sure that the app is enterprise ready, well tested and used in very large organisations around the world

ConfiDoc app is now FREE

Jul 08, 2022

We have some news to share. We have decided to make ConfiDoc app free for all. We will try to support new Confluence versions as much as we can, but the app itself will be unsupported and we pan no new features to be added. What about the bug fixes - let me be clear on this. It depends. We hope we will have or find time for this as well.

ConfiDoc app will be retired and archived this summer

Jun 06, 2022

We have made the decision to retire our ConfiDoc app this summer and focus on our "forms" apps - ConfiForms and AssetForms. We will still provide support for all paying customers until the end of their maintenance period. There will be no new features developed, but we will attempt to verify the app's behaviour and compatibility with each new Confluence version as long as possible without a need for big development resources and efforts


Mar 31, 2022

Regarding recent vulnerability found in the libraries that Atlassian Connect Spring Boot ( which Vertuna's cloud apps are built on.

All our apps were patched immediately after the patch in the library we depend on has been published. In any case the preconditions set for this vulnerability were never satisfied by our environments and the risk was low (unaffected), we have still updated our apps to patched version

More on the vulnerability

Barcodes and QR codes are coming to ConfiForms

Mar 04, 2022

Yes, Barcodes and QR codes are coming to ConfiForms!

On cloud and on server/data center.

You can render now you form's data as QR codes (urls, SMS, MMS, email) or as barcodes!

We support Interleaved2of5, Codabar, ITF-14, Code39, Code128, EAN-128, GS1-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, POSTNET, RoyalMail, USPS and PDF417

Yet another area and business need is covered and supported by ConfiForms!

Gold level partner by heart, silver level by numbers

Feb 02, 2022

With recent Atlassian update we are still on a silver level...

No growth? Stagnation? Not at all - we are doing great and growing fast. But our awesome sales on server and data center prevent us from reaching the minimum share of cloud sales needed to level up.

It's changing, and cloud is growing fast, but we are still couple of percent below the threshold.

Let's see what the next partners program update will bring us :)

Future of "ConfiDoc. Viewer for SQL, XML, JSON, CSV" app

Jan 19, 2022

Our current plans are to retire ConfiDoc app somewhere in the end of 2022/early 2023.

This is a very early warning... and plans might change, but...

There will be no cloud version of this app, but we have plans to create something similar for the Atlassian cloud platform. No ETA at this point.

AssetForms support user timezones!

Jan 14, 2022

Yes, we have finally made it - our AssetForms for Jira app now also supports user's timezones.

6000 and counting support requests have been served

Dec 31, 2021

Some milestone to share... Since we have started to provide the support in an organized way :-) And a lot more then it was just email based.

Couple of years back we have moved to Atlassian JSD and have processed and handled more than 3000 tickets using this software! And before that (little bit less than 3000) - using own home grown simple ticketing system

Thank you for sharing your feedback, your fascinating solutions and complex requirements, and relying on us and our apps.

You rock!

New prices starting from February 2022

Dec 18, 2021

It has been more than 2 years ago when we last touched our prices.

Our plugins are always evolving and constantly and fanatically improved and enhanced. Added so many features and improvements over last years without asking anything back.

Our support has been working tirelessly and helped thousands of customers. We will no increase our prices much, but expect them to be slightly higher (15-20% at most).

Hope you understand.

As always, feel free to reach out


Dec 11, 2021

As you might have heard, there has been one very bad vulnerability found in one of the libraries widely used in Java world - The vulnerability is called Log4Shell and has an identifier CVE-2021-44228.

At Vertuna LLC we have patched all the cloud systems that were affected by this on Friday 11th, at around 8PM Estonian time.

Server/Data center versions of the plugins are not affected by this vulnerability, as we dont have a direct or indirect dependency on the affected library.

ConfiForms edit view is much faster now

Dec 08, 2021

Yes, another performance improvement. As everybody likes things that work faster and there is always a room for improvement. Form configurations become more and more complex. Our customers want (and could) to implement more sophisticated requirements and expect the forms to be responsive and fast. We do want that as well - challenge accepted! And here it is, new and improved edit view (especially on forms having hundreds of rules and formulas)

Data center approval refresh for ConfiForms and ConfiDoc plugins

Nov 19, 2021

Another year and another round of getting approved for Atlassian Data Center program. And we just made it again.

Tested and verified.

Ready for our enterprise customers again!

New badge and achievement for ConfiForms app for Confluence cloud

Nov 15, 2021

Finally! We got a new badge for ConfiForms app for Confluence cloud! A new achievement. And it is a cloud fortified badge! So happy about it.

New field type added to ConfiForms to simplify creation of master-detail forms

Oct 27, 2021

Very long anticipated feature in ConfiForms has finally arrived! Now it is possible to build forms that create sub-items directly from the master form submission! This is available for server/data center and cloud. Looking for your feedback (the field is still in BETA version, but please do have a try and tell us what you think)

Improved rendering performance in ConfiForms

Oct 01, 2021

We have implemented new way of rendering contents in ConfiForms. We call it - parallel mode. It is a multi-threaded way of rendering the contents and we see amazing results. On some configurations the rendering speed improvement is up to 50%. You can switch between rendering modes in your ConfiForms "views" macros at any time.

Support for server to cloud migration in ConfiForms

Sept 27, 2021

We are finally here! And have added an official automated support for migrating the ConfiForms data and configurations from server to cloud Stay tuned! This is just the beginning

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