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ValidationRegular expression
Value is empty^\s*$

Value NOT matching something 

(Allow everything, but 'something'. Useful when you would like to apply validation on dropdown fields)

Value is not empty^(?=\s*\S).*$
Value is alphanumeric^[a-zA-Z0-9]*$
Value contains only letters^[a-zA-Z]*$
Value length (1-20 chars)^.{1,20}$
Only numbers^[0-9,;]+$
Checks if the field's value is unique within the dataset[unique]
Checks if the field's value is unique within the dataset and ensures it's length (1-20 chars)^.{1,20}$[unique]
Allow only PDF files (files with "pdf" file extension).*?\.pdf
Starts with upper case letter followed by 9 numbers[A-Z]{1}\d{9}
Starts with 2 letters, upper or lower case and followed by 6 numbers[a-zA-Z]{2}\d{6}


The best resource to work on the regular expressions is

Anything you make to work there will work on ConfiForms


Please note that there is a bug in Confluence editor with rendering placeholders for macros that have {} in their parameters.

Something like


(depending on what is inside the {})

This could be safely ignored - this affects only rendering of a macro placeholder in the editor