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ConfiForms is very flexible about how you present your data.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use IFTTT macro to create a simple employee checklist. How to configure inline edit method for your newly created checklist, how to make sure the checklist is secure and visible/editable by an employee and how to see the data in an aggregated way


Let's start with a form configuration. In our example it will have only 4 checklist items and one field to store employee username. All the checklist items are of checkbox field type.

Here is how the form looks like in Confluence editor:


The fields for checklist items are with names q1, q2, q3, q4


Code Block


See more details in Documentation



Advanced details:

  1. In current solution, when a checklist is created you need to change the "Owned By" field to the same user name this checklist is created for. As only then this user could change the data in the checklist
  2. Also, another security thing to consider is to create pages with IFTTT macro and setting own parent page, in this case you can secure the original form with user permissions and have employee checklist pages separated from it. (This is easily configurable in the IFTTT macro properties (when "Create Page" action is selected))