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List of tutorials for ConfiForms plugin


List of tutorials for ConfiForms plugin from website

Creating a simple form

Learn how to create a simple form with ConfiForms plugin

Using ConfiForms ListView

Learn how to use ConfiForms ListView for data presentation

Customize your ConfiForms Registration Control

Advanced configurations of ConfiForms Registration Control

Playing with ConfiForms TableView

In this tutorial you can learn what customization options has ConfiForms TableView

Using filters

How to use filters, to show only subsets of data, in ConfiForms TableView and ListViews.

Sort your data the way you want

Learn how to show a sorted datasets using TableView and ListView

Powerful validation with regular expressions

Grab some examples of regular expressions to use for your form's fields

Form with relations

Learn how to configure an advanced ConfiForms form that uses other form's data

I love databases

Study this tutorial to learn how to build up a database-like ConfiForms

Using ConfiForms REST API

Learn how to use ConfiForms REST API for querying, creating and updating data entries

ConfiForms Blueprints

ConfiForms Blueprints in Confluence storage format for you to download

Using IFTTT macro for integrations

Quick tutorial on how to use Confiroms's new IFTTT macro

Basic concepts of Merge and Aggregation

Basic concepts to learn when working with TableView Merger macro

Using TableView merger macro for aggregation

What can you do with TableView Merger macro

Configuring forms with Smart Classifier fields

How to use Smart Classifier (Conditional dropdowns)

Advanced aggregation concepts of ConfiForms TableView Merger macro

Learn how to use grouping and aggregation per field/value

Recovery and Migration API

Brief introduction into ConfiForms Recovery and Migration API

Making HTTP requests to external services with IFTTT macro

Learn how to user IFTTT's HTTP requests to construct dynamic URLs and send SMS

Using ConfiForms conditional CSS macro

Learn how to set up conditional CSS rules, tricks and hints

Chaining IFTTT macro results

IFTTT rules are executed sequentially, sometimes you want to use in your next IFTTT handler the result of the previous one. This tutorial explains how this can be done.

Creating an embedded form to send emails

You will learn how easy it is to create an embedded form to capture user's input and send it via email


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