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If you are new to ConfiForms please take a look at less complicated tutorials first to get yourself familiar with ConfiForms

Creating a simple form in Confluence with ConfiForms

Multiple ways to show your form data in Confluence with ConfiForms

Basic concepts


Since version 1.20 of ConfiForms you are now able to source the data for your fields in ConfiForms directly from your databases. This requires your database to be accessible from your Confluence server and you need to provide the connection configuration, before you can use those fields. More on this below.


Give your connection a name, then compile a Connection URL, we use JDBC to connect to the database and you will need to provide correct JDBC connection string, class name for your database driver and you need to make sure the database driver is placed in the WEB<install-INFdir>/lib directory  directory of your Confluence server (restart will be needed). Confluence has PostgreSQL drive bundled together with the server, nothing additional is needed. For MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL databases you will need to place the driver into the correct place.

JDBC Driver Location

Put the driver jar in <install-dir>/lib - this is the directory that has other tomcat jars. If you have a much older version of Confluence that does not have this directory, look for <install-dir>/common/lib instead.


Here is the table of drivers and their connection strings we have compiled for our other plugin, ConfiDoc, but which is completely valid for ConfiForms