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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

ConfiForms is very flexible in a way how you can show the stored data.

Once defined, it could be shown on different Confluence pages, in a very different ways. You can show data subsets, sorted and unsorted, also editable or secure.

Below, please look at the screencast showing you how to create a simple form and then use TableView to show it's results

Since version 1.16 of ConfiForms TableView Merger macro supports "auto-discovery" for forms based on given search criteria and performs an auto-merge.

There is a way to reference the source of the automerged record. 2 custom metadata fields are injected into the dataset

  • _sourcePage - of type page
  • _sourceForm - of type text

Referencing this fields via ConfiForms Field macro will show the source information for given record in TableView Merger