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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

However, this might also work for ConfiForms cloud and in most cases it does. But please see this page to understand the differences between server and cloud versions of the ConfiForms app.

In this tutorial you will learn how to

  • how to create connections (data relations) between ConfiForms forms
  • configure and use ConfiForms form with smart classifier fields
  • how to reference these fields in IFTTT macro (to send an email)

If you are new to ConfiForms, please take a few minutes to read the Basic concepts Guide, or go through the video tutorial on that page.  (smile)

Smart classifiers help you to create connections between ConfiForms forms.

We will create 2 forms in this tutorial

One for keeping the data about people names and their emails

Another form is the one that will use the data from the first form and will send email out with the help of IFTTT macro

Let's start with the first form

Simple form with just 2 text fields:

  • text field with name "name"
  • text field with name "email"

Now we proceed with the second form

Here we have a field named "m" of type Smart Classifier and it references the 1st form with this configuration

Now the second form looks like this when in view mode

But what is good about this is all the fields from the selected choice (and it is actually is a record from the 1st form) are available for you to be referenced in IFTTT macro (in macro body)

For example

  • to reference selected user name in IFTTT you will need to type []
  • to reference selected user email in IFTTT you will need to type []

You can reference these fields also in Participants parameter and Title/Subject parameter in IFTTT macro

ConfiForms form could have any number of smart classifier fields (meaning you can connect different forms into one ConfiForms form), but please be advised that due to performance it might be good to avoid connecting too many, as each smart classifier needs to access the data and configuration of the form it references to and this might be time consuming on high load systems

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