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This is the documentation for ConfiForms Server/Data Center app

Simple, but powerful concept to show how template names can be dynamically looked up from field values and used to create pages

Since some time ago we have added support to reference Confluence templates from ConfiForms IFTTT's and from ConfiForms Registration Control macros.

This enables you to avoid content duplication and reuse the content / layout.

Templates can be referenced using

  • [template.<TEMPLATE_NAME>]
  • [rawtemplate.<TEMPLATE_NAME>]

See more about this on Using ConfiForms app as template engine to create pages in Confluence and Using Confluence templates with ConfiForms and avoid configuration duplication

In version 1.19 of ConfiForms app we have added a way to dynamically set the name of the template you want to use:


Assuming you have a dropdown field or a text field called "somefield" where a user can choose or specify the template to use when a page is to be created (with IFTTT for example)

This way we can easily create, with the same IFTTT, pages with different layouts


You can include the template without evaluating it's parameters.


The contents of the template (value for template name will be taken from "somefield") will not be evaluated against the current record, but will be included as-is